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SDG&E® is providing you new information on your energy use through the Home Energy Reports program. It's part of our ongoing efforts to help our customers save energy and money.

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Frequently asked questions

About the neighbor comparison

  • Who are my neighbors?
    Your neighbor group is made up of about 100 occupied homes that are similar in size to yours, are located near your home, and have similar heating sources. The comparison does not include other factors such as:
    • Number of residents in home
    • Medical equipment
    • Home status such as primary residence, home office, vacation rental, or vacant home
    • Homes with solar panels
  • How did you choose homes used in my neighbor comparison?
    The homes in your neighbor group share approximately the same square footage and the same heating source as your home. These factors typically lead to similar energy needs for a home. Homes that appear to be unoccupied based on very low energy use are excluded from the group. For even more accurate comparisons, update your home’s information at Opower.
  • What if there are good reasons that my household uses more energy than my neighbors?
    While the homes included in your neighbor group provide a good indication of typical energy use for comparison, some factors can affect how your energy use stacks up against your neighbors. For example, if the number of people living in your home is greater than average, or if you have equipment such as a hot tub, swimming pool or multiple refrigerators, your energy use could be higher than your neighbors.
  • I have energy-intensive medical equipment or other circumstances that prevent me from reducing my energy use. How can these reports help me?
    The Home Energy Reports and website provide a wide range of energy-saving ideas to help you make appropriate choices for your home. While you may not be able to use all of them, chances are you'll find many tips that make sense for your home and lifestyle circumstances, as well as help you save energy where you can.
  • How can my efficient neighbors manage to use so much less energy than me?
    The most efficient households rely on a variety of energy-saving strategies. They may use a programmable thermostat to manage heating and cooling costs, turn off lights and electronics when not in use, wash laundry with cold water, and always run full loads in the dishwasher, clothes washer and dryer. The Home Energy Reports provide you with your own strategies to help you make your home more efficient.
  • How was my home's size determined and how do I update the information?
    The square footage that we use for your Home Energy Report is based on public data about your home, which was collected from your county assessor's office or other public records. If the square footage on your report is incorrect, you can update information about your home in the "Home Energy Analysis" section of this website.
  • Am I compared to neighbors with solar?
    Home Energy Reports are sent to customers with higher usage so it’s unlikely for a customer to be compared to solar customers due to their relatively low usage.

About the program

  • How do you compare my combined electricity and gas use?
    We use an energy index, which combines your electricity use (as measured in kWh) and your natural gas use into a single measurement.
  • What is the purpose of the program?
    Most people are eager to make their home more efficient and save money, but they're not always sure how. SDG&E is providing you with new information about your energy use through the Home Energy Reports program. It's part of our ongoing efforts to help our customers save energy and money. We welcome your feedback. Please contact us at esc@semprautilities.com with your comments or suggestions.
  • Why was I selected to be a part of the program?
    We want to help you save energy and lower your energy bill. You are among a group of San Diego Gas & Electric customers included in the Home Energy Reports program, which is designed to help meet this goal.
  • What is the Home Energy Report?

    The Home Energy Report provides personalized information about your energy use and smart ways to make your home more efficient. The report will help you make informed choices to save energy, trim your energy costs and make your home more energy-efficient. Each report includes:

    • Information on your home's energy use: For the first time, you'll be able to see your home's energy use in the context of the energy use of your neighbors' homes that are nearby and similar in size.
    • Progress tracking: You'll also see how your home's energy use changes over time and across seasons.
    • Ideas on energy efficiency: On each report, you will find ways to save energy, including information on the rebates and other special programs we offer.
  • Where can I learn more?
    Learn more about how to save energy at SDGE.com/saveenergy. The U.S. Department of Energy, the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, and ENERGY STAR® are also good, independent resources.
  • Can I opt out of the program?
    Yes. The reports are provided to help you understand your home energy use, save energy and reduce your energy costs. If you would like to opt out you can do so by contacting us at esc@semprautilities.com with subject line: HER Opt Out - Please provide your name and address.